About the Reptile Rangers

The Griffins are a family  dedicated to protecting and preserving reptiles of all kinds, even those that are not always popular with people.  Together they run CCSB Reptile Rescue and Removal.  The name comes from a combination of their first names, Chad, Cristina, Sabastian and Balian, and reflects that they are in this together, working, loving and supporting one another as a family.

Keeping people and reptiles safe is their primary mission but they are also educators, helping the public better understand the wonder of these animals and the important roles they serve in nature.  They also help train public safety professionals, such as police departments, sheriff’s departments and other law enforcement agencies, in how to safely handle and remove these creatures with a minimum of risk to both themselves and the animal.

Patriarch Chad Griffin is a professional herpetologist and educator who loves to share the incredible things he has learned about these amazing creatures.  This lead to the creation of the Reptile Rangers series as a way to spread the word out about these animals he loves so much.

He is joined in this mission by his wife Cristina and their two boys, Sabastian and Balian.

Together they are the family known around the world as the “Reptile Rangers!”